Beyond Seasons: Our Top 5 Bags at BONIA

There are certain bags that we simply can’t get enough of. Seasons pass, collections come and go, and yet these timeless designs continue to end up at the top of your wishlist. From archival favourites to contemporary classics, we reveal our top five BONIA bags.

Venice Revival

Romance from another era. Inspired by the iconic design of 1991, the Venice encapsulates all the romance and adventure of the Italian city that lends its name. The Revival retained all the hallmarks of the original design with a few notable updates. Our favourite detail: the Neu B locket to symbolise eternal love.

City Backpack

The perfect everyday carry. A companion for any outing, from a grocery run to a Parisian getaway. The City takes design cues from another house favourite Sonia and updates it with a more practical design.


An eternally loved icon. A bag that needs no introduction, the Sonia has been a favourite among designers and customers alike since its release. With a recent monogram makeover in a range of new shades, the Sonia remains as vibrant as ever.


Playful yet professional. With its smiley silhouette and eye-catching range of colours, the Miley is a ray of sunshine to brighten up any closet. We recommend the Miley XS in pink for a compact carry that will make your outfit pop.

Journal Monogram Crossbody

Timeless craftsmanship. Since 1974, the house monogram has remained the most-loved pattern among customers. The Journal collection embodies the values upon which BONIA was founded: quality and innovation.