The Making of a Masterpiece: Naiara

Informed by a rich history of leather-making that began in Italy and continues in Malaysia, BONIA’s artisans craft our latest bag, the Naiara. The first video in our ongoing ‘Making of a Masterpiece’ series takes a closer look into the minutiae of its creation.

Since its release earlier this year, the Naiara has already become a firm favourite in a catalogue that spans half a century. For this collection, the designers sought inspiration from the storied tiles that decorate the Nyonya communities of Penang. The result is a timeless piece of beguiling beauty and a story that lives up to both BONIA’s identity and its heritage.

Once the leather has been treated and cut, it is sent to an embroidery factory for the quilting process. In order to create the signature Nyonya-inspired embossed pattern, the material is carefully embroidered on an industrial sewing machine, one thread at a time.

The embroidered pieces are then returned to the artisans for assembly. There are 31 unique pieces that compose a single Naiara handbag, and our artisans build the masterpiece, piece by piece, with meticulous attention to detail.

First, the assortment of leather panels that form the main body of the bag are glued and sewn in place. Then, the bag’s inner compartment is decorated with nylon jacquard that bears a repeating BONIA logo pattern. For extra storage, the multi-layered inner and outer compartments and the small slot pocket at the back are affixed with care. At last, like a cherry on top, the Neu B logo, painted to match the dyed leather, is attached along with a magnetic flap for ease and security.

The details do not end there. Our Naiara comes complete with two straps: a long leather shoulder strap for everyday use and a luxe gold chain-link for some added flair.

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