A Letter from Creative Director Jonathan Liang

At a time when mid-century appreciation is booming, and nostalgia is coming full circle, we wanted the Spring/Summer 2022 Collection to look back to the works of Antti Lovag, a post-modernist architect in the 1960s.

As you explore the collection, you’ll see that we take cues from his love of round and organic, abstract shapes, which challenged the way we create functional bags in an interesting silhouette. Personally, as a designer and creative director, I've always been a fan of taking something completely unrelated to a subject and find that fine connection; I believe everything is connected in some way or another.

This season, we're seeing colours, such as honey and terracotta hues, that pay homage to Lovag’s love for earthen, natural colours. We created rounded shapes that are close to his visual aesthetic and his perspective that abstract shapes can also be functional – just like this season's bags.

As a brand, and as a team, BONIA has an appreciation for mid-century aesthetic in the way we use colours; we also have a strong affinity to art and design in our core value of creating contemporary and sophisticated pieces that enhance the lives of the wearer.

This season’s campaign takes us back to Paris, imagining what life could be like in a space that was inspired by works of Antti Lovag. There, life is built up by doing normal, daily things, surrounded by beauty and relishing in design; and that’s exactly our wish for our community this season, that you may find yourself surrounded by beauty with BONIA.