B Scene: The Ixora Tiffin Edition

Designed exclusively for BONIA’s 47th Anniversary, the Ixora is a contemporary carry that boasts plenty of personality. Available in medium, small, and mini sizes, this playful nod to tiffin carriers includes a detachable, adjustable strap, the recognisable Neu B logo on the top panel and sufficient space for holding only the most treasured of essentials.


Scroll on to see how these influencers are Living the B Life with the Ixora.



“The Ixora is a fun bag — It’s not just a bag but an art piece, I love how it reminds me of the tiffins that we use here but having it interpreted in a fashionable way!”



“The shape of the Ixora resembles a "tiffin'' which is a classic Malaysian packaging to take away our favourite local delicacies and kueh — the perfect homage to a tiffin. I love bags that make a statement of their own and the Ixora is exactly that with its cute size and shape, made perfect for your day to day activities, no matter what the occasion is.”



“I just love the silhouette and the character of the Ixora Tiffin Bag. It's super cute yet stylish and reminds me of cute food tiffins!”



“The Ixora Tiffin Bag is so cute! I love that the bag is so compact and easy to carry around especially while you’re going for a quick coffee run, or grocery shopping, or even for a nice date/dinner or lunch. It just helps spice up your outfit with its unique design.””

The Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection is now available in stores and online. Shop the collection here.