B Scene: Best Style Moments From September 2022

With the launch of the BONIA Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection, we spotted many fashion mavens and influencers carrying our new bags and accessories.

If you could use some fun and inspiration in your style choices, here are some of our favourites. Keep scrolling!

Fairy Tales

Charis Ow

Inspired by fairy tales, Charis incorporates La Luna elements as part of her ensemble - a boxy beige blazer paired with a bright shirt and the La Luna Monogram Round Crossbody Bag, dreamy yet ultra-chic.

What she’s wearing:

La Luna Monogram Round Crossbody Bag, Mare Slide Sandals


Josh Kua

Josh brings us back to our childhood moments with the latest men’s ‘It’ bag and sneakers. He definitely knows how to have fun in the most stylish way possible.

What he’s wearing:

Rollie 2 Backpack, Theron Hover Sneakers


Lucky Oetama

Lucky channels 80s fashion with bold colours, styles and silhouettes, the perfect look for any city adventures.

What he’s wearing:

Boxit Reju Crossbody Bag, Kryos Low-top Sneakers