Flow with Us: The Dravmo Collection

This month, BONIA marks a significant milestone in its 46-year legacy with the launch of its first-ever fitness inspired collection, called Dravmo. Designed to introduce comfort and style into any active lifestyle, this online-exclusive collection features a non-slip luxury yoga mat, a large-sized duffel bag and a medium-sized duffel bag.

In celebration of the new collection, BONIA teamed up with Kuala Lumpur-based fitness instructors Siu Lim, Theresa Winkler and Kea Lee to stage a nostalgic throwback to workout videos of the past, calling to mind the high-energy, spandex-clad superstars fitness video stars of the 1980s and ’90s, from Jane Fonda to Paula Abdul.

The star of the collection, however, is the Dravmo Yoga Mat. Crafted with natural rubber and a non-slip TPE, the minimalist black mat was designed to lend comfort and ease to even the most intensive home workouts, while also offering the extra benefit of being free of toxins, latex and PVC. The accompanying carrying case features a textured exterior and crossbody strap that allows for stylish and comfortable portability.

Where the recent Neu Romantic collection had already shown a shift towards bolder, more contemporary designs and a fresh new aesthetic, the Dravmo expands the catalogue in an entirely new direction.

The collection is now available exclusively online.